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Our Legacy

The History

LEGACY TASTE of the Garden, a Legacy created/passed on by Greer Farms. Black Farmers farming since 1855.
Legacy is a family farm operation that was created to pass on generational knowledge of Sustainable and Entrepreneurial living.

Legacy desires to help bring back the knowledge of Growing and using Fresh Produce, and teaching how to obtain a lifestyle in agriculture, entrepreneurship, and self-sustainability. Our goal is to close the gap between local producers and the local consumer, which will support the Communities Economic Vitality.

Legacy’s mission is to Empower Indiana BIPOC farmers, individuals and communities to become self-sustaining and economically sound through Education, Networking, and Providing Information toward a Healthy, Sustainable, Empowered Life.

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Our Legacy

To Create

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We provide information and training on growing and the benefits of farming.

Legacy strives to create a hub and network of individuals, co-ops, and communities in the farming arena. Through the network, all aspects of the agriculture world can be at the hands of those who desire to enhance their farming desires.

Creating Legacy


Lyles Station 4H Program

Legacy Taste of The Garden’s partners with Lyles Station 4H Program and Tomorrowlands Children non profit organization.

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Junior Master Gardeners

From start to finish learn how to take back and live a healthier life. We believe in you…now believe in yourself…

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Community Market

Legacy Taste of The Garden participates in local and regional farmers markets. Our home location is a Farm Stand in Princeton, Indiana.

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We have products and education on growing vegetables which we also sell the produce. The produce is available for sale either wholesale or retail. We also have a CSA program.



All products are grown naturally.

Our learning team offers technical assistance in the education of gardening for all ages.

Training for Farmers Market speaking on African American Farming and the History/Legacy from Lyles Station.

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Our Legacy

To Maintain

Legacy Taste Of The Garden was established for the purpose of promoting healthy diets; we made it our goal to interact and train the youth of the community to grow organic vegetables and fruit, and become part of a positive environment in which to raise families? Going back to our original purpose of creation for growing our own.

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Our Legacy

To Pass Down

 To Many Generations...

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Our Legacy:


Sixth Generation in and more to come...

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