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Thank you FARM AID 2023

We were honored to be invited to participate as a VIP Farm Hero at the 38th Annual Farm Aid. It was delightful to meet everyone during this collaborative event to improve the American Family Farm. the proudest moment was seeing the patriarch of our family; Norman Greer, receiving a standing ovation after the interview was presented on the jumbotron at Farm Aid.

We shared the stage with music legends; Willie Nelson, also Founder of Farm Aid; Dave Matthews, John Mellencamp and Neil Young. Since 1985, Farm Aid has stood with all farmers to challenge corporate power, industrial agriculture and advance equity in our farm and food systems. By strengthening the voices of family farmers, Farm Aid stands up for the people upon whom we all depend.

They believe in our core values of strengthening and growing more family farms and minimizing industrial farming. Farm Aid honored us and all generational farmers and encouraged us to continue to educate, strengthen and grow more family farms in agriculture.

We strive to teach the next generation how to have a healthy, sustainable, and enjoyable life. It is vital for people of color to get into and remain in agriculture. It’s empowering to grow your own food and care for your family at the same time. There is an important significance in continuing your family's legacy. We are doing our part and we are working together to help everyone fulfill their dream of building their own family legacy. Once again we thank everyone that had a hand in giving our family one of the best experiences of our lives!

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