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Farm Aid feature Interview with Legacy Taste of the Garden

This story aired at Farm Aid 2023 during our press event, where artists and the farmers featured in these films joined together on stage to share their stories.

DeAnthony Jamerson pictured with Denise (Greer) Jamerson along with the patriarch of the Greer family; Norman Greer.

Legacy Taste of the Garden represents a multi-generational African American family whose farm has been in operation since before the Civil War, situated in the historic Lyles Station. Lyles Station, located in Patoka Township in southwestern Indiana, stands as the sole remaining African American rural settlement in Indiana. We have been actively engaged in outreach, education, advocacy, and technical assistance to address the unique needs of BIPOC farmers and producers.

We were proud to share our story of the Legacy with the Farm Aid Film crew to share with the world. Our family looks forward to continuing to work diligently with the community by establishing networks and offer support to growers in both urban and rural settings.

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